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Yogiventure is the brainchild of actress, model Traci Wolfe. Traci began practicing yoga seven years ago. Never in a million years did she think she would end up teaching yoga.

 Around the same time, she discovered hiking.

Hiking and yoga taught her how to listen to her mind, body, and soul. “My hikes were meditative. They gave me a chance to reflect, to notice what I wanted to change in my life.”

Traci was very involved with her family, all while maintaining an active modeling and acting career. Traci is best known for her role in the Lethal Weapon films (see photo above). She devoted much of her time to self-observation and meditation when not working.  Looking inward, she found the answers to some of her questions. She was ready to explore the unknown of designing and operating a yoga adventure company.

Her decision to “ride the wave” and follow her heart led her to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for yoga teacher training – an intensive 200-hour yoga teacher training program. “The process was life changing for me. It took my yoga practice to a deeper level.” She liked how the Kripalu method emphasized using a slow meditative breath throughout the practice and accentuated self-observation without judgment. Traci encourages her students to use Kripalu’s philosophy throughout their practice on and off the mat.

Traci graduated from Kripalu, opened Yogiventure – an innovative yoga adventure company with a focus on mindfulness and wellness. She is ready to teach others how to become more self-aware and to live a mindful life through outdoor experiences.

Traci holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She has Wilderness & Remote First Aid, CPR, and First Aid certifications and completed Day Hike Leader Training at the Mountain Leadership School from the Appalachian Mountain Club.  In her free time, Traci enjoys knitting, reading, spending time with her family and most outdoor activities. 

Begin to live your healthiest life today!